Christ for Romania Bible School

Christ for Romania Bible School

Christ for Romania Bible School is located in Cluj Napoca, Romania.

Led by Cornel and Dorina Bistrian

In 1997, after graduating from the Christ For The Nations Institute in Dallas, Texas, Cornel Bistrian went on his first missionary trip to his native Romania. During his visit to Cluj-Napoca, a well-known local pastor proposed to him to open a Bible School in the city. After two years of prayer and missionary work in Romania, Cornel Bistrian is offered a new proposal to start a Bible School, but this time from CFNI leaders, Dallas. This last proposal was a response from God.

In January 2000, three brothers joined him in initiating this vision, and the school started with fifteen students, located in the CFR club, Cluj, which they rented by the hour. After about a year, through the unsolicited generosity of an American couple, long friends with CFNI, God blessed them with an old building located in the center of the city. The Lord had told them in 1997 that there should be a Bible School in Cluj-Napoca, which they are called to support financially.

Over time, the work grew and more and more students joined the vision. But this increase in numbers brought with it the need for a more spacious building. Unaware of this, the same couple, hearing the voice of the Lord again, returned with another financial support. In October 2002, construction began on a new building behind the old one. In about a year, the building was completed.

From the beginning, God’s hand was upon this work, and the Holy Spirit manifested itself powerfully in the lives of the students. The fruits of their labor were rewarded, and many of the young people who visited the school were saved, and then enrolled as students. Many have been healed, delivered, filled with the Holy Spirit, aroused, and prepared for the work. The students were involved in evangelistic outings, orphanage work, prisons, hospitals, youth camps and many other activities in the villages.

Christ For Romania was and is a place of the presence of the Lord, a mountain of Zion where people can see the face and hear the voice of God, a place of transformation, of equipment to the status of servant.