“God, how could this happen?”

“God, how could this happen, I thought You were with me?”  

In July 2006 Jeanie and I were in Colorado Springs, CO. to attend a meeting in the home of a friend that consisted of a small group of pastors from all over America.  The morning of the fellowship I awoke early to spend some time in prayer.  While praying I asked God for confirmation that we were supposed to plant a church in Pueblo West, CO.  I was hoping this day would provide certain direction from God.

What transpired  would “blow your mind!”  It did mine!  Not once, not twice, but three times God confirmed that planting the church was His plan for us.  I’ll not give all the details  but you could see the hand of God at work, do doubt!

So in June 2011 when we decided to discontinue the church plant in Colorado and I’m packing my bags to go work a job in Texas you might see why I would ask the question, “God, how could this happen, I thought You were with me?”  Not that working a job back in Texas is a bad thing, but it can be very disheartening if you believe you’re called to plant a church in Colorado.  Not only that, but I left a great church to go plant this church. What was I thinking!  Well, what I was thinking was that I was following the plan of God for my life and ministry.

Let me share some words from Pastor Wayne Cordeiro he recorded in his book “Sifted.” “When things don’t go as we expect we falsely conclude that things did not go as God planned.  We tend to define God’s goals so that they match the way we want our life to unfold.  We assume that the way we see things should be the way God sees them too.  Each of us is only a change in perspective away from seeing our circumstances as God’s good will for our lives instead of a disappointing, frustrating setback.”

I don’t know what you’re struggling with, but if you’re human like me, I’m sure there’ve been times you’ve asked God, “how could this happen?” What you need to know is that God can handle your questions, and the good thing about your questions is that you’re still talking to Him!

The Bible tells us in Romans 8 there is nothing that can separate us from God’s love.  NOTHING!  Don’t allow anyone to tell you that God no longer loves you.  He loves you and still has a great plan for your life.  

Maybe your struggle is part of God’s process to prepare you for the future He has planned for you!  

So here’s the big deal.  Don’t allow anything to separate your love from God!  Did you catch that?  I know you have questions and God can handle them. But while going through some of your most difficult times, do you still love Him?  Don’t allow what God is using to refine you to drive you away from God.  That’s not what God desires.  He wants you to run to Him and not away from Him.  He wants to be more than enough in your life.

Jesus is always more than enough for us, but we will not know it until our faith has been tested.  It bears repeating.  Don’t allow anything to separate your love from God.  He’s not allowing anything to separate His love from you!

Press on my friend!