Biblical Citizenship

Throughout our history, American pastors & churches have played a vital role in establishing and preserving religious and civil liberty.

Being “salt & light” requires knowledge of the culture we are attempting to preserve as we fulfill the Great Commission to “make disciples.”

Being Biblical Citizens requires a knowledge of Biblical principles and how to apply them to the world around us. You and your church can be the catalyst for restoring Biblical values in your neighborhood, State, and Nation.


Wall builders dissertation on Patriot Academy Biblical Citizenship. INCLUDING…a)Written transcript. b) Hyperlinks to Alliance Defending Freedom, Liberty Counsel, High Point Leadership.  c) Links to books, quotes and the Founders Bible ap.


Aldens School Declaration of Independence


Rick Green “Patriotism, not white nationalism “ By His Grace.  podcast copy. May 30 2022.  Used to hyperlink to “The Light and the Glory.”


Patriots Hope. These were the couple representing Patriot Academy at the Bunni Pounds rally, in Garland I believe, in 2021. GREAT resources tab, has resources aimed at helping younger students learn about patriotism.


Separation of Church and State. Wiki page, good/ accurate information, for the most part.


Heritage Foundation.


Texas Constitution.


Supplemental Resources for Patriot Academy’s Biblical Citizenship Course




These have some good links as well.

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