10 Days of Prayer September 15-25, 2023

10 Days is essentially a prayer meeting. Gather with others everyday for 10 Days from September 15-25 at Encounter Church at 6:30 p.m. for nightly prayer and worship. (No nightly gathering on September 17 or 24). There will be a healing service on September 20 at 6:30 p.m. at Encounter Church with pastor Gary Riley and his church Turning Point of Grace.

Gather, pray, repent, and see God transform your lives and communities. The Prayer Guide (available in The Hub or in digital format by clicking the buttons to the right) will have a different focus each day. We will pray from a theme of turning from the things of the world and turning towards Our King Jesus and His Kingdom. We will highlight one region of the world, a key 110 City for the region (other cities in the region), and have a prayer for believers, the church, and the lost. Days 9 & 10 will highlight strategic cities in the Americas and Caribbean which are home to diaspora groups and are also sending bases for missionaries.

As you pray through each section, pray not only for yourself, but also for your community, your state and nation, and for these cities and their region as well that they also would turn from darkness to light as the Son of Righteousness rise upon them. Give special attention to your specific adopted city throughout your prayer daily. Encounter Church has adopted Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania. There is also an added page for each day of prayer to pray specifically for Encounter Church with some room for journaling.

For more information contact Jim (940-632-5636) or Lynda (940-696-8007) or the church office (940-285-5064).